You Don't Mess Around with Letterstime A filksong for the Baron and friends.
Conspiracy Theories The world is awash with conspiracies! Here is one for Letterstime.
Blank Verse Odes to the Baron and the British... in verse that is not only blank, but rife with horrible puns.
The Baron and the Bunny Avast ye scurvy knaves, the Tooniverse attacks!
Limericks of Letterstime Field Marshall Falkenhayn rates this at 4 aspirin! Or perhaps that should be Tums? Only the tip of the limerick iceberg.

More Limericks of Letterstime

Titantic hits the iceberg (or is that Iron Duke?)... more chapters of immortal prose.
Return of Limericks Those limericks won't go away! Our secret weapon against the forces of order!
Still More Limericks A batch so fresh they're still steaming. And what more could you want?
Number, Please What if cell phones had existed in Letterstime? (What, you wanted reality?? This is the humor section!)
Fangs for the Memories Vampires in the Hochseeflotte! No wonder the Baron is winning!!
Ersatz Yorck, Ersatz Yorck! Cures for Writer's Blockade - Contributions by various crew to the cause.

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