Fangs for the Memories  
Table of Contents
Part 1 The Visitor - Wilhelmshaven, June 17, 1915
Part 2 The Assignment

---- The Visitor - Wilhelmshaven June 17, 1915

"Admiral, you have a visitor sir..." Admiral von Rudburg's aid began.

"Out of my way you fool," the visitor growled and pushed his way through the door.

"Yes, thank you. That will be all." von Rudburg told his aid. "Please be seated, herr Doktor."

"Thank you herr Admiral, I must say I was surprised to hear from someone like yourself. Most people seem to think Im some cheap charlatan." the Doktor replied.

"Well I must confess that until a few months ago I would have been one of them but..."

"You have become suspicious of someone, there are signs..." the doktor interrupted.

"I fear that they were only suspicions when I wired you, now there can be no doubt anymore. If one know what to look for. I have a short brief here for you, tell me what you think herr Doktor." von Rudburg said and handed over a thin folder.

The Doktor rapidly read through the papers.

"I think you did right to send for me, I have fought this 'disease' my whole life but this is one of the worst epidemic I have ever encountered." the Doktor said after he had finished reading.

"Yes, that is why I want your help. I'm prepared to offer you a commission in the High Seas Fleet for the duration of this emergency, you will become the fleets chief medical officer with the rank of commodore, This epidemic will be your only responsibility, you will not need to participate in any acts of war." von Rudburg said.

"This war of yours is insignificant next to this threat." the Doktor said and held up the folder "I will fight this madness where ever I find it, with or without anyones support. I am glad I will have your support Admiral." the Doktor said.

"In that case welcome aboard commodore van Helsing." von Rudburg said as they shook hands over the table.

"Thank you Admiral." doktor van Helsing, vampire hunter extraordinare, replied.


The Assignment

"Count," said the baron, "it was so kind of you to answer my request."

"Anything for the Kaiser, and for Marina," the dark cloaked figure responded.

"I have a need to accelerate the repair of the HSF's ships, and to improve the survivability of their crews in battle," began the admiral.

"Can they be fought at night?"

"Well, not always, but poor visibility has been my preference, as it is well known."

"That might suffice, especially if the crew can be kept inside, with low light conditions."

"Good, my dear Count. I'd like you to tour all the ships, especially the ones still under repair. I have arranged for your tours to take you through all the living and sleeping spaces."

"When would this tour begin?"

"Just after midnight," said the baron. "Of course."

"Yes, of course."

by jim
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