Cell Phones in jj  

It was a dark and stormy night and I’d spent too many hours at my PC. Thus started this thread on cell phones in Letterstime:

jj with each captain having a cell phone would've been a bit different! :-) Or would they have wasted their time calling and razzing each other?? I can see it now:

*Peep! Peep!* -click- "Ja, Baron Letters speaking, vas ist?"cell-phone

"Good evening old thing! Just thought I'd give you a call and offer you the number of Dial-a-Prayer!"
::sounds of laughter in the background::

"Jellicoe, prank calls are illegal! Get off my line!"

The Baron fumes for a moment, then pokes at the cell phone keypad busily for several minutes, and turns it off with an evil laugh.

"Something funny, sir?" asks Captain Theodor.

"Heh. Jellicoe forgets my phone is web-enabled! I just hacked his bank account and posted his credit card number on the net!"

"Ouch. Perhaps it would be kinder just to sink his ship?"
::the two men chuckle happily::

Jim added the next bit:

I can just imagine some of the cell phone conversations right now:

-- Letters: "Ja?"

“This is Carl-Johann, would you get your titled butt back over here? Where are you heading anyway? Off to visit your estates?”

-- Smith: "Hello, is this Domino's?"

And then I got even more strange ideas:

*pip*pip*pip* -click- "Hello?"

"Yes, is this Lloyds of London? Kapitan Zur See Dietrich Ehrhart here. I'd like to insure my ship, bitte."

"Most excellent, Captain! I'm sure Lloyds can cover any contingency... What sort of ship do you want to cover?"

Ehrhart looks innocently skyward. "A um, large commercial fishing vessel, with coal-fired boilers. Very valuable."

"Yes, I see." (Sounds of computer keys clacking) "And what sort of fishing business are you in?"

Ehrhart grins widely. "Right now we've mostly been hunting squid."

"Ooo, I love calamari!" More typing sounds. "And do you use your ship for commuting?"

"Not at all."

"Excellent, Captain! We can offer you very good rates! Since this is a commercial ship, I'll put you down for full replacement value. How would you like to pay the premium?"

"I have a credit card here." He proceeds to read off Jellicoe's hacked card number.

"Very good, Captain! We're all set and you're now fully insured."

"Thank you. That's such a relief. 'Bye!"
He smiles happily. "It's so nice to be covered for any contingency!"


Anyone care to contribute more to this?

by Colleen and Jim (so far)

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