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PART 10: June 10, 1915  

June 15, 1915 - Reporting from the Funeral of Mr. Constantine Kallikantzari

Mr. Constantine Kallikantzari, a citizen of Greece, was laid to rest today following services at St. Asaph's. Attendance was heavy as mourners, well-wishers, and other spectators overflowed from the cathedral and spilled out into 4th Avenue. Among those in attendance were Ambassador Salvatore and other diplomats from the Greek consulate. Speaking from the steps of the cathedral, the Honorable Mr. Salvatore declared, "Mr. Kallikantzari was a man of peace who sought to come to America on business to feed his family. The British killed him simply because they did not like the flag on the peaceful passenger liner he sailed on. How can shooting at an unarmed passenger liner ever be justified? Do the British think they own the seas? Only God owns the seas, and it is into His hands that we have laid my countryman to rest this day."

An unnamed British spokesman, when shown the text of Mr. Salvatore's remarks, replied, "Great Britain and Germany are at war. Do people really need to be reminded of that fact? Let the Honorable Mr. Salvatore ask families in Belgium about Germany and war. He would get some sharp replies from them, I'd wager. As for safely traveling the high seas, I would think it rather obvious that one simply should not travel on a German ship. His Majesty regrets the loss of innocent lives, of course. Traveling on a German liner, however, seems an act of lunacy, and hardly a proper choice for an innocent traveler."

United States Navy spokesman, Commander Leverett, confirmed today that inspections of the German liner Imperator had cleared her of several allegations, complaints, and other charges filed by the British embassy in Washington, DC. "The United States Coast Guard and the Navy are both satisfied," Lionel stated, "that Imperator is just what she professes to be, an innocent merchant ship flying the flags of Germany and Hamburg America Lines. Her damage is superficial, and she remains seaworthy."

Also prominent at the services, were two dozen German officers and sailors, looking smart in their uniforms. When asked for a statement, their spokesman, LT Lionel, stated, "We greatly regret we failed to prevent the loss of Mr. Kallikantzari's life. Many British warships hide just out of sight of your coast and who catch or stop or sink any ship they want. To get past them safely is difficult. It is why so few products from my country are here, and why we can buy none of America's products, no matter how much we are willing to pay." LT Lionel asked one of the uniformed American servicemen, who also attended the services in force, for directions to Macy's. When asked why he wanted directions, LT Lionel replied, "We are here and we have money. We want to spend it. Will Macy's accept gold?" The American officer and the reporter
both assured LT Lionel that Macy's would indeed accept gold.

The German consulate today announced that the cruiser Strassburg had been denied permission to leave on schedule this evening by United States officials, due to the scheduled departures of three British freighters. The document announcing the denial of sailing permission was delivered to Strassburg this afternoon, signed by Vice-Admiral Stennis, USN. The German consulate announced that Imperator and Kaiser Wilhelm II, both scheduled for departure today, would not sail as scheduled, but would await the clearance of Strassburg. This was due, they explained, to the British warships known to be blockading the United States and which had already demonstrated their intentions by firing on Imperator previously, killing Mr. Kallikantzari.

A spokesman for Admiral Stennis stated that the delay was in accordance with the requirements of The Hague 1907 treaty, to which the United States was a signatory. And that citizens and passengers should stop calling and sending
telegrams to Admiral Stennis at the United States Naval Yard. On a related note, reportedly Congressmen and Senators from New York, New Jersey, and Delaware have made inquiries as to the cause of the denial or delay. Admiral Stennis could not be reached for comment, and USN spokesmen would neither confirm nor deny that they had been contacted by Members from the Hill. The White House also declined to comment.

jim (Letterstime)




A delegation of democrat Senators, including Sen. Duncan Fletcher of Florida and Sen. Francis Newland of Nevada called on President Wilson today to warn him of the extreme danger to the democrat party arising from welcoming Germans warships into American ports.

Senator Fletcher, speaking after meeting with the President, said his office had was being inundated with telegrams from angry voters demanding the U.S. stay out of the war. Senator Newland echoed Sen. Fletcher "Voters are mad about this mess... Americans don't want to get in to the Europeans wars...Americans hate war,” added Newland. “Except for the war with Spain of course” interjected Sen. Fletcher… “That was an entirely different matter.” “Absolutely” agreed Sen. Newland “Spain just got what she asked for.”

Senator Fletcher went on to say the meeting with President Wilson was very cordial and productive. I don't believe the President realized how seriously Americans viewed this incident." "The President has told the Asst. Secretary of the Navy to provide him with a full report on the conduct of this matter at the earliest instant added Sen. Fletcher."

Both Senators expressed confidence the matter would be quickly resolved. "If the Germans are foolish enough to send ships over here, it is not the place of the U.S. to save them from the Royal Navy... After all, everyone knows Britannia rules the wave” declared Sen. Newland.


Page 23 - Social News

Former President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife Edith Carow Roosevelt hosted a magnificent dinner at his family home Sagamore.

The guest list included many well known dignitaries, including the Governor, Mr. Hamilton Fish, former Secretary of State, Lord Richard Fitmaurice-Ward, General, Sir Harvey Rawlerson, Admiral Lord Waverley, Senator Davis, Mr. Randolph Hurst of California, Lady Alice Ismay, Congressman Albin Hunt, Mr. John Morgan and many others.

The dinner featured game from all over the country that was brought to the Roosevelt home especially for the gala.

The former President personally supervised the preparation of the game, which was cooked in the upper garden of the Roosevelt estate over open fires.

Lady Ismay, speaking to the World Social Editor as she savored filet of rattlesnake, observed, " I simply can not understand WHY Mr. Roosevelt was not elected President... but there is always 1916 isn't there".... "Did you know chicken tastes rather like rattlesnake"

Mr. Roosevelt told reporters he has no aspirations to live in the White House again.

After the dinner, Mr. Roosevelt gave a demonstration of fancy and trick shooting using his new Smith and Wesson "Triple Lock" Revolver and with his favorite Winchester Rifle. Mr. Ed. McGivern of Montana also demonstrated his fancy shooting after Mr. Roosevelt. The former President commented "If the Rough Riders had all been able to shoot like that, we wouldn't have needed any other troops in Cuba"... "What a bully shooter Mr. McGivern is" added Mr. Roosevelt.

THE TIMES 17 June 1915

Officials of the Wilson administration were stung yesterday by the speech made by Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, the former president of the United States in a peace rally on the steps of the Customs House in this city.

President Roosevelt roundly decried the cowardly actions of President Wilson in allowing German warships to use United States ports for the benefit of the German Empire.

TR pointed told a crowd estimated at over seven thousand Wilson had promised neutrality and now Wilson was turning his back on that solemn commitment by acting in favour of the Germans.

The former President, joined on the podium by a number of his fellow "Rough Riders' from the late war with Spain, was repeatedly interrupted by wild cheers and applause when he called for the United States to stop supporting the rapers of Belgium and France. Roosevelt also demanded the German ships be ejected from U.S. Territory at once.

The former President then led a march to Tammany Hall where the Mayor joined Mr. Roosevelt in denouncing the "spineless Wilsonites." The two leaders then invited other civic leaders join him in signing a letter to President Wilson demanding strict neutrality on the part of the U.S. Such dignitaries as the Governor, both Senators from New York and several members of Congress signed the letter.

Roosevelt vowed to stop the exploitation of the United States by the armed forces of the Evil German Empire. "Decent men everywhere must join forces to save humanity" declared President Roosevelt.

"SHAMEFUL!, SHAMEFUL! Cried the angry audience when Roosevelt pointed out the Wilson's support for the German cause. The former President called for the U.S. Navy to act at once to deny the Germans the use of any part of the sacred soil of America.

Mr. Roosevelt's remarks were echoed by citizens all over the city. Sailors from the USS Montana and several destroyers that saved the German ships from the Royal Navy have refused shore leave, because of their shame at their actions.

The president of the Longshoreman's Union, Mr. Peter Yeoman said there would be a vote tonight to decide if the Union should stride the German docks to prevent them from taking advantage of American neutrality.

"Someone has to stop this madness if Wilson doesn't have the b---s to do it" Yeoman told the Times.

More expressions of outrage by the people are expected later tonight and tomorrow.

18 JUNE 1915

At a second mass peace rally this week, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, and hero of the war with Spain was joined by Mr. Henry Ford the noted industrialist, motor car designer and peace advocate.

Messrs. Roosevelt and Ford roundly criticized the Wilson government, accusing Wilson of being soft on the German evil, in allowing the Germans to use United States ports for bases to attack the peace loving people of the world.

More than 15,000 gathered at the U.S. Customs house to voice their demand that the Wilson administration immediately expel the German ships from U.S. waters. Mr. Ford made an emotional appeal to all Americans to wire the White House demanding immediate action to free the sacred American soil from the blood soaked hands of the Germans. Ford told the cheering crowd that Wilson was on a course that must lead to American boys dying in the trenches of Europe…something he said must not be allowed.

Mr. Roosevelt, in one of his most moving speeches to ever, condemned Wilson for plotting to circumvent the neutrality laws by allowing the Germans to stay in the Untied States past the time allocated by international treaty. The former President told an enraged crowd, that his "contacts" in the Washington have told him the government was plotting to ignore the law even as he was speaking.

The crowd interrupted both President Roosevelt and Mr. Ford with wild cheering numerous times. Finally, Mr. Roosevelt called on the crowd to come to the docks tomorrow where they would intern the Germans ships themselves tomorrow at 10 a.m. if the government will not. The hero of San Juan Hill said he would personally lead the "peoples forces" to intern the Germans… and "if the Wilson government wants to shoot anyone, let it be me!"
When challenged by Roosevelt and Ford to join in direct action to the audience cheered wildly. Mr. Roosevelt stated 25,000 Americans at the docks tomorrow can not be stopped, and promised to be at the docks tomorrow to prevent the blood of American boys from being wasted to advance the political ambitions on Wilson. Mr. Roosevelt said no step must go un-taken to save American youth from the meat grinder of European war.
Mr. Ford, speaking with great emotion, described the horror of modern war, and lavishly praised Mr. Roosevelt for his efforts to keep the Wilson administration from entangling the United States in the war in Europe.

Mr. Henry Ford has promised all the beer and food anyone who joins in the great crusade tomorrow, could want. He went on to urge everyone in the city to come, eat drink and then join in the crusade to save the youth of America from a bloody death in the trenches of Europe. "It will be a splendid adventure for one and all as well as a chance to help keep American out of the war" said President Roosevelt.


The Royal Navy’s newest super-dreadnought battle-ship, HMS Barham is completing fitting out at the massive ship building yards of Messrs. John Brown & Co. at Clydebank, on the River Clyde in Scotland. The completion of the ship has been greatly expedited and is expected to sail in a matter of days to join the Grand Fleet. Spokesman for the great ship builder, John Brown & Co. praised the efforts of the workers at the yard to finish the ship ahead of schedule. "Ever since the battle with the Germans off Dogger Bank earlier this year, we have been working very hard to finish this magnificent ship for the Navy… our tradesmen have worked seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. As is well known, ships built at John Brown have been among the finest existent and Barham will be no exception to this tradion." "In order to meet our goal to deliver this ship to the Fleet six months ahead of schedule, yard technicians will sail with the ship to the Orkneys to make final adjustments and calibrations that would in a time of peace be made prior to delivery of the ship. This along with omitting the normal sea trials has saved alone over a month in the completion process"

HMS Barham, armed with massive 15" guns is one of five ships of the Queen Elizabeth class that have so greatly advanced the Royal Navy’s sea power of late. No other nation has such powerful ships in commission. Fifteen more battle-ships and battle-cruisers armed with this powerful new gun are under construction in British shipyards, along with one that will be armed with the even more powerful 18" guns. The new 18" gun is many times more powerful than the Royal Navy's 15" gun, which itself is much more powerful than any gun afloat.


In London, spoksmen for the British Admrialty announced work was starting on 16 new super dreadnought battle-ships and battle-cruisers.

The announcement included expedition of work on a sixth ship of the very fast and powerful "Queen Elizabeth" class armed with 15" guns that has already been undertaken as well as expedition on the work on a sixth example of the Royal Soverign class also armed with the 15" gun, also already under construction. In the same announcement, the Lords of the Admrialty announced work is starting on six improved ships of the fast Queen Elizabeth type and six more ships of the Royal Soverign class. The Admrialty spokesman also stated work on the four additional battle-cruisers of the Admrials class would be under taken forthwith.

Reports from TIMES naval correspondents state the new ships may be armed with the new 18" super gun which has been designed by Messrs. Armstrong & Co. at their great gun works at Elswick in Scotland. If this is the case, these ships will be able to catch any other battle ship afloat and smash such a ship with their massive armament.

Spokesmen at the Admrialty in London state these ships have been undertaken to ensure Brittania continues to rule the waves and is able to protect the freedom of the seas for all peaceful peoples.

by Sir Henry Porter, k.c.b.

18 JUNE 1915

After much foot dragging on the part of President Wilson the German warships currently in New York Harbour have been ordered to leave United States territorial waters today. It is unclear exactly at what time the Germans will have to sail because of the manner in which the Wilson government interpret the requirements of the Hague Accords to which the United States subscribes.

Under that agreement the Germans were entitled to stay in U.S. waters for 24 hours and prohibited from making their ships more combat worthy. However, because of the Hague Accords require 24 hours be allowed following the sailing of a hostile merchant ship, the Germans have been able to extend their stay. Now, with there being no Allied ship sailing for 24 hours the Germans must leave New York today, though it is unclear if the Wilson Administration plans to abide by the Hague Accords.

In order to bring the TIMES readers the most up-to-date news possible, the TIMES has chartered a fast steamer which will act as a photographic cruiser to record the great battle that must happen off the U.S. Coast. The photographic cruiser is also equipped with a wireless set, and will provide a blow-by-blow account of the destruction of the German ships as it happens. The TIMES has, as a service to the citizens of this city, provided a great bulletin board at the TIMES offices in Time Square in this city. As reports of the battle are received, they will be posted for all to see. The TIMES will also have a special edition following the sinking of the Germans that will include details from our reporters at sea, photograph and interviews from Germans pulled from the sea. The TIMES photographic cruiser will endeavor to rescue some of the German survivors so that the Times may provide first hand accounts of the battle.

TIMES correspondents have been advised by reliable correspondents at the Navy Department, that U.S. Warships will follow the German ship to ensure they do not engage in hostile acts against the Untied States as the depart American waters. We understand, as many as five battle-ships and three armoured cruisers will be on hand to guard against hostile German actions.

Reports received at the TIMES overnight indicate the Royal Navy now has more than 30 warship assembled off New York to intercept the German ships as they sail. The most recent report says Admiral Sir. Horace Hood has only just arrived with the newest fast battle-ships HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Warspite and HMS Barham along with armoured cruisers and scout cruisers. At the same time other armoured cruisers, and light cruisers are already in place to ensure the Germans receive a warm welcome Royal Navy style.


Citizens of New York are invited to see the Great battle off our city later today when the Royal Navy destroys the German ships sulking in New York Harbour. The new New York Travel Agency, Henry Porter Tours Ltd. has chartered several cruise boats so that citizens may see the great battle in person.

The boats will sail at 1 o’clock p.m. today and will follow the Germans to the great battle. Readers are advised the number of places to witness this great battle are strictly limited and are expected to sell out very rapidly. Don’t miss this opportunity to see history made. This will be an educational event, and something that parents will not want their children to miss. Henry Porter Tours Ltd. is offering reduced fares for children when accompanied by their parents.

This excursion will be quite safe, and tour boats, while getting as close as possible to the battle action, will stay out of the line of cannon fire.

Interested persons may apply at Henry Porter Tours Ltd., Madison Square New York City.

Don’t wait… places are limited and are sure to sell out quickly.

by Sir Henry Porter, k.c.b.

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